20 Years and Counting

Yesterday, I spent a very enjoyable post-half-marathon day in Spitaki with my running buddy (review of this place to follow soon, I’m sure) and we got chatting about how we ended up in Edinburgh. Running buddy’s story was easy – born and bred ‘Burgh. And it was when I was telling her about how I found myself in the east, despite being born and raised in the west, that it struck me.

I’ve now lived in Edinburgh for TWENTY YEARS. Almost to the day (first week in June will mark the day).

Twenty. Years.

This was supposed to be temporary! A job for a year, then teacher-training course, then straight back to the bosom of the west – ideally Glasgow. So, why am I still here TWENTY YEARS LATER??!!

The truth is dead boring – work, relationships, blahdeblahblah. But that’s not the point. And I don’t hate Edinburgh. I’m (sort of) glad I still live here. Well, hmmmm, not exactly – but that’s another story.

But this (bloody frightening) realisation that twenty years has flown past like feckin Concorde did make me decide on something: it’s about bloody time I started the blog I’ve been meaning to start for years!

So here it is.

I’ve no idea if anyone will read it. And I’ve no idea if those who do read it will like it. But I hope I’ll be able to share some of my thoughts / ideas / maybe humour (?!) about things I’m passionate about. Namely all things Scotland.

So, expect ramblings about the countryside, the cities, the food (lots of food – ALL the food), the drink (natch) and the people of Scotland. Also expect rants about things that do my dinger (not necessarily all connected with Scotland, to be fair, though will try and keep excessive anger to a minimum…). And other random shite.

And swearing. There will be swearing.

And I’ll probably steer clear of politics. Maybe.

If you like – or loathe – what you read, I’d love to hear from you. And if you DO like it, share it. And if you loathe it, maybe dinnae 😉

TheLass x

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