About Me

I live, work and play in Edinburgh, though was born and raised a few miles outside Glasgow.

I’m passionate about a few things in life: generally, they focus on friends, eating, drinking and exploring Scotland. Over the years, I’ve travelled all over Scotland and have been asked many times for trip ideas, restaurant recommendations and usually have a few ideas. Hence this blog.

In my life, I’ve been described as:

  • loud
  • funny
  • annoying
  • a good friend
  • enthusiastic
  • unenthusiastic
  • a prize moany face (many times…)
  • opinionated
  • very opinionated
  • “hardly a shrinking violet” (from one of my first supervising teachers when I was a student teacher – hehehe)

Although the main focus is Scotland, I won’t be afraid to blog about other stuff, eg things that piss me off, things that make me happy, things that I just notice.

Hope you enjoy reading!

TheLass x